Saturday, 22 June 2013


We are learning to recount events that happened in the past.
We know we can do this when we can:
Follow the Writing Process
Have a title
Write: an orientation telling when, who, what and where the event happened, a     sequence of events and a personal comment to conclude the recount
Use the past tense
Use a lot of different descriptive words to make our recount more interesting
Start my sentences in different ways

Next Step:  Compete the writing process by editing for full stops and capital letters and then publish my own work.

The Snowy Dragon
By Pou

My toes were numb and icy.  Whoosh went the wind.  Dragon smoke came out of my dragon mouth. My ears felt numb too. My nose was frozen.  I could see snow coming out of the sky.  The clouds moved slowly like snowflakes.  Black tree branches reached out into the sky.  I opened the back door of my house and went inside.  After that I had a warm milo.  It tasted nice. It was a great holiday.

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